Message posted on 4 September 2018 in Zenya apps

iProva Assist 2.3.0

In this update:

Updating location data via the app

  • You can of course set the location of an object (e.g. a machine or a building) via the iProva web application. However, sometimes it is more convenient to do it on location - the most convenient way to set the exact location is by standing near the object.
    You can do that now.
    Users who have management rights in the relevant map bin now see an additional menu option at the map that allows them to update and set the map's location to the current position.
  • Until now, if you use NFC tags, you needed a third-party app to describe those tags with a code. That is a thing of the past.
    If you have management rights in the relevant cardbox and have an Android device, you will now see an additional menu option next to the card that allows you to write the code of the current card to an NFC label.

    Please note that these features require iProva version 5.8.0 or higher.

For organisations using the iProva Reporting & Analysis module (iTask):

  • You can now easily make a notification following a map in the Assist app.
    Example: you call up a machine's card, and can immediately pass on a fault report.
    Making notifications works in the same, user-friendly way as in the iProva Capture app.
    Read on the Infoland Community what steps you need to take to enable reporting via the iProva Assist app in your organisation.

    Please note that these features require iProva version 5.8.0 or higher.

Improvements on accessing documents via the Assist app:

  • For documents with a somewhat longer title, an even larger part of the title is now shown above the document. If the title then still does not fit completely, you can tap the (truncated) title to view the full title.
  • On iPhone and iPad, text in tables could be difficult to read.
  • Zooming into a table was not possible if certain formatting occurred in the table

And further:

  • A search function has been added.
  • For optimum security, the iProva Assist app can now be used exclusively via HTTPS connect to iProva. So when entering the iProva URL, that URL should always start with https://, URLs starting with http:// will no longer be accepted.
  • The iProva Assist app requires an internet connection. From now on, if the connection is lost, a notification will be displayed indicating this - instead of the app simply ceasing to function.
  • After manually logging out, you no longer have to enter the iProva URL every time. After logging out, you immediately return to the screen for entering the login code and password. This screen now includes an extra option to change the URL (if required).
  • Improved performance and stability
  • Bug fixes

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