Message posted on 13 September 2018 in iQualify

Every 2 to 4 weeks, we release a minor update for iQualify. These updates mainly fix bugs. In addition, they may contain minor functional changes. These are improvements that make using iQualify even easier and can be used without explanation. Larger functional changes are only made available in a major update. Curious about what has changed in iQualify 5.2.3? We've summarised it for you on this page.

Impact of this update

No major changes have been made, only bug fixes. The impact for students and administrators is estimated to be very low.

End users: Low impact
Administrators: Low impact

Bug fixes

  • 57735: The "Test Report" report did not contain all selected learning periods.
  • 57870: Display names of tests and training sessions were not shown in iProva tasks.
  • 57927: In the properties of a question, the author was shown. It was the name of the user who initially created the question.
  • 58032: In Mozilla Firefox, adding keys and trainings did not work correctly. A grey blur was displayed over the page.
  • 58206: The summary of a question was not updated if only capital letters were corrected in the context or stem.
  • 58514: The "Test Questions on Paper" report gave an error message when opened in a learning period that did not contain static tests.
  • 58813: In Microsoft Internet Explorer, a downloaded SCORM package of a shared key received a strange file name if it contained a strange character in the name or description.
  • 58827: When a secure learning period is administered in the STE environment, a supervisor has the option of forcibly closing the learning period. If multiple secure learning periods were being taken from the same location at that time, the learning period (being forced closed) would have user results listed for participants assigned to the other secure learning periods. As a result, the test's grade distribution could show more user results than were set to participants for the learning period.
  • 58860: Accreditation points for the V&VN quality register are sent based on the V&VN relation number since iQualify 5.0. In the website settings, there was still a setting for showing and changing the BIG registration.
  • 58935: The "Generate activation numbers" report generated additional activation numbers when started several times in a row.
  • 59207: In the Script Concordance Test, Enters (new lines) were not displayed correctly.