Message posted on 12 May 2020 in Zenya on-premise

Through the software module i+DataSync it is possible to make a synchronisation of data from one iProva environment to another iProva to take place. This synchronisation can be used for on-premises iProva environments to synchronise data from the production environment to the sandbox (test) environment, for example.

Updates for this software are released on an irregular basis.
These updates include bug fixes, performance and stability improvements, and in a few cases new functionalities.

The i+DataSync version 4.1.8 update includes a fix for a specific problem.
Read on to our support site (see button below) to find out if this update is also relevant to your organisation.

For (application) administrators

For all the ins and outs about this update, check out our Support website (login required).
You can find the full release notes here and download the installation files for this update here.