Zenya Assist Icoon

From iProva apps to Zenya apps.

This spring (Zenya 6.0.0.), iProva was renamed Zenya. We are now implementing this change in the apps as well.
The iProva Assist app has been renamed Zenya Assist!
The app has been given a new icon (the icon remains recognisable, but has changed colour).

We have also ensured that the look matches the look you are used to in Zenya.
Upon opening the app, you are welcomed by the new Zenya splash screen and a login flow that looks fresh and modern. You immediately feel like using the app!

On the main page, the mobile forms now show the same icons as you are used to in Zenya and use a neutral grey background.
Throughout the app, Zenya red is used as the main colour.
If you want the complete experience, an update to Zenya 6.1.1 Update 1 is required.

In Zenya, it was already possible to fill in an explanation for mobile forms. This explanation is now also displayed when filling in a mobile form in the Zenya Assist app.

In addition to these changes, the following bugs have also been fixed:
- The icon for a date and time field was shown in the wrong colour when a notification was inserted via the Zenya Assist app.
- The icon for a date and time field was sometimes not displayed when a notification was inserted via the Zenya Assist app.
- It was sometimes not possible to add an image from the gallery or take a picture in an attachment field.
- The number of questions of a report form was not always displayed correctly while submitting a report.
- The details of a list field with locations attached that are close to you were sometimes not displayed properly while filling in a report form
- The layout was sometimes not displayed properly on iPhone 10+ devices.


Note: Due to an unforeseen bug in the apps for iOS, we have rolled out a fix for this in a subsequent version (version 2.6.1).