Message posted on 5 October 2021 in Zenya SaaS

The rollout of Zenya 6.1.2 will start the week of October 4.
See For exact date/time for rollout to Zenya SaaS.
For organisations with Zenya on-premises, the release will become available for download the week of 11 October.

Zenya 6.1.2

Module Impact
General functionalities of Zenya Nil
Audits Nil
Compliance Nil
Card files Nil
Portals & collections Nil
Planning& schedules Nil
Technical Nil

Vilans protocols and background information

Within the Vilans Protocols environment, a distinction is made between protocols and background information. From each protocol, it is possible to click through (via the purple block) to background information.

When one went to search in Zenya, only Vilans protocols were found. Background information did not appear in the search results and could only be reached (from Zenya) by first opening the protocol.
In response to customer feedback, Vilans has now made a change that allows systems such as Zenya to also search background information (full text).

In Zenya 6.1.2, we make two improvements to ensure that Vilans background information is presented in a useful way in Zenya search results and in the "Consult" screen.

  • Thus, the list of results can now include both protocols and background information.
    From the line under the title, it can now be immediately recognised which type it is.
  • Not interested in background information right now?
    Then you can refine your (search) results via the left-hand panel by choosing "type = Vilans protocol". All background information will then be filtered out of the results.

Nothing will change in setting up the link to My Vilans protocols. There, it remains possible to determine at topic level which Vilans content will be offered within Zenya. When a certain topic is chosen, this means that both protocols and background information belonging to that topic will be offered in Zenya.

In addition, in this patchpack update, as usual, we have fixed some bugs. Hopefully you haven't been affected by them, or only slightly!

The update is available for Zenya on-premises customers as a download.

For application managers

View the list of bug fixes by clicking the button below. Or log in to and access the download for Zenya on-premise.