Zenya Assist Icoon

Several organisations work in shifts, where people use the Zenya Assist app during the shift. This is often done on shared devices that are handed over to another colleague at the end of the shift.
Failure to log out of the Zenya Assist app at the end of the service could result in the Zenya Assist app being used under the wrong account.
To prevent improper use of the Zenya Assist app, we are introducing a personal access code!

As there may be both personal and shared devices in an organisation, we have made it possible to set in Zenya which users (groups) the personal access code should apply to.
Is personal access code set for you? The first time you open the Zenya Assist app, after the update, you will be asked to set this personal access code.
If you have not accessed the Zenya Assist app for a while and you open it again, it will ask for the access code to unlock the app. If the device has since changed users, the user has to log in to confirm who is currently using the device.

To use this functionality, an update to Zenya 6.1.2 is required.

Bug fixes:

  • The notification for missing or wrong data during login was not clear enough