We regularly release a minor update for iQualify. Minor updates mainly fix bugs. They may also contain minor functional changes. These are improvements that make using iQualify even easier and can be used without explanation. Larger functional changes are made available in a major update. Release 6.0.2 is a minor release in which only a few bugs have been fixed. Curious about what has changed in release 6.0.2? We've summarised it for you on this page. Check status.infoland.nl to see when version 6.0.2 will be released.

Bug fixes:

  • 64280: Taking a test via LTI that an organisation had accessed via subscription after 27 November could give an error message: 'invalid ID'.
  • 64305: Images were not displayed when using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. This problem has been fixed. Incidentally, the use of this browser is strongly discouraged due to security problems and IE11 will also no longer be supported in 2022.


If there is planned maintenance, unscheduled maintenance or a current disruption, this is always communicated via the page status.infoland.nl. On this page, you can subscribe to be automatically notified about important maintenance or disruptions. You can also view the status of current disruptions here.