Message posted on 14 March 2022 in Zenya on-premise

The rollout of Zenya 6.2.2 will start in the week of 14 March.
See For exact date/time for rollout to Zenya SaaS.
For organisations with Zenya on-premises, the release will become available for download the week of 21 March.

Zenya 6.2.2

Module Impact
General functionalities of Zenya Nil
Audits Nil
Compliance Nil
Card boxes Nil
Portals & Collections Nil
Planning & task schedules Nil
Technical Nil

ONS Nedap perfomance

In the ONS Nedap link, the loading time during data retrieval could take longer than desired, this is also known to us under bug number 63973. In two steps, we want to implement improvements for this.

Previously, client data was kept in a shared database and this data was stored encrypted. Nowadays, however, this data is no longer stored on a shared database, but happens on separate databases. These databases are already encrypted, but the extra step of encrypting the data itself still took place.
Since the databases themselves are already encrypted, the encryption of the data is not necessary. The step of encrypting the data largely caused the longer wait time. In this update, we have removed the extra step of encrypting the data, which already significantly reduces the wait time during lookup.

However, there are other processes that affect waiting time and therefore user experience in which we can realise an improvement.
In the lookup process, the wait time is affected because the lookup also needs to process data. We are going to move this part to a background process, so that the lookup action does not have to do any data processing and can therefore show results faster! This will be rolled out in a later update.

Compliance overview look and feel

In Zenya 6.0.0, we provided Zenya with a new look and feel. This updated look & feel was also implemented on the compliance overview in Zenya, but did not have the desired effect there. This overview became very pink due to the change.

We have changed the look and feel for this screen so that the updated look and feel is still visible but the colour scheme of this screen has become calmer and clearer.

Also, we have fixed some bugs in this update. Hopefully you haven't been affected by them or only slightly!

For application managers

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