Zenya Search 1.13.6

We regularly release updates for the Zenya apps.
In these updates, we introduce new features, improve performance, and fix bugs.

In this update

Showing processes in the Zenya Search app

In the past, documents of type "Process" were not displayed in the Zenya Search app.
The reason was that the interactive process view did not lend itself well to smartphone screens.
Especially for organisations that want to use Zenya Search as an emergency facility (in case Zenya is unavailable, or unreachable due to network problems), this was an issue. To accommodate them, we have ensured that processes are now available in the Zenya Search app - but in a different form.
In the app, you will not see the interactive process view - but will be presented with a PDF version of the process, the same view as if you were printing the process on paper.
This change is now live for organisations with Zenya SaaS. For organisations with Zenya on-premise, an update to Zenya version 6.4.1 is required

  • This update includes preparation so that - as of Zenya 7.0 - interactive documents are available in the app when you import them from webshare.

Bug fixes

  • The limit for synchronising up to 100 documents for offline use is unlimited. With this update, you can sync as many documents as you want!

How to obtain

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Message posted on 12 April 2023 in Zenya apps