Zenya 7.2.0 Update 5

Every 14 days, we release a minor update for Zenya SaaS. In these updates, we make minor improvements, improve Zenya's performance and fix bugs. Minor updates have minimal impact for end users of Zenya. Changes with greater impact are always rolled out in major updates, which come out about 4 times a year and are always announced in advance.

Update on bug 65928 - Inactive SCIM users are not always hard deleted from Zenya. There are some scenarios in Azure's synchronisation process where inactive users that are no longer in the synchronisation scope were not always hard deleted after 30 days. To still provide a solution for this, we have now made it possible to delete inactive synchronised users (via SCIM only) from Zenya anyway. The delete button in user management will become active for users who have been inactive for 30 days and are no longer synchronised during this time.

When available?

See status.infoland.nl for the exact date when this update will be rolled out to your organisation's Zenya environment(s).

Message posted on 5 April 2024 in Zenya SaaS