Message posted on 13 January 2022 in Zenya on-premise

The rollout of Zenya 6.2.1 will start in the week of 24 January.
See For exact date/time for rollout to Zenya SaaS.
For organisations with Zenya on-premises, the release will become available for download the week of 31 January.

Zenya 6.2.1

Module Impact
General functionalities of Zenya Nil
Audits Nil
Compliance Nil
DOC Medium
Card files Nil
FLOW Medium
Portals & collections Nil
Planning& schedules Nil
Technical Nil

Important security change - Showing Zenya in other applications or websites

It is possible to display Zenya information, such as documents or report forms, directly in other applications or websites, e.g. an ECD/EPD or intranet. If so-called "iFrames" are used to display this Zenya information, this will no longer work after the roll-out of this patchpack.

Please note that this concerns only the information that can be displayed directly from the organisation's Zenya, showing documents from the web share in an iFrame will continue to work for now.

Recent pen tests have revealed a number of vulnerabilities inherent in the ability to display Zenya in iFrames within other websites or applications. To increase the security level of Zenya, we have therefore ensured in this patchpack update that this is no longer possible.

With which default links does displaying Zenya information continue to function?

However, there are a number of situations where customers use this functionality to display Zenya in other applications through links known to Infoland. This applies to the following links:

  • ONS Nedap link
  • My Caress link
  • Sharepoint integration

If your organisation uses any of the above links, this functionality will remain WEL just available. Does your organisation use the above links but Zenya is not shown in an iFrame in this application? If so, please contact our service desk to disable this functionality and further increase the security level of your Zenya environment.

Are you using another link to display Zenya information in an iFrame?

Your organisation may also wish to use a customised link to display Zenya information in an iFrame in another application (e.g. within an intranet application). In that case, your organisation can also contact our service desk in advance so that they can enable this functionality for you and you are not inconvenienced by the rollout of the patchpack.

If you have any other questions about this, please also feel free to contact our service desk.

In addition, in this patchpack update, as usual, we have fixed some bugs. Hopefully you haven't been affected by them, or only slightly!

The update is available for Zenya on-premises customers as a download.

For application managers

View the list of bug fixes by clicking the button below. Or log in to and access the download for Zenya on-premise.