iQualify training 2.0.11

For iQualify training courses, standalone updates are performed. These may coincide with a minor or major release for iQualify, but do not have to.

We regularly release a minor update for iQualify training courses. These updates mainly fix bugs. In addition, they may contain minor functional changes. These are improvements that make using iQualify training even easier and can be used without explanation. Larger functional changes are only made available in a major update.

This release contains one functional change and a number of bug fixes.

See for exact date/time for the rollout of this update.

Table functionality

The options for tables in iQualify training courses have expanded considerably.

Table design
When a table is inserted, it is possible to add and/or delete rows and columns anywhere in the table. The first row and first column of the table can also be fixed.
In addition, the columns adapt more dynamically to the contents of the cells.

Cell formatting
For cell formatting, an editor is now available, which makes it possible to give the text in the cells of the table a more appropriate look. Within the editor, it is possible to display text in bold, underlined and italics. To choose; normal text, Heading 1 or Heading 2. In addition, functionalities such as subscript, superscript, bulleted lists and hyperlinks are also possible in tables.

Bug fixes

  • 66347: When you clicked a hotspot and opened a hyperlink with it, and then clicked another hotspot to open another hyperlink, the same page was loaded as with the first hotspot.