We regularly release a minor update for iQualify. These updates mainly fix bugs. In addition, they may contain minor functional changes. These are improvements that make using iQualify even easier and can be used without explanation. Larger functional changes are only made available in a major update.In this release, functional changes have been made and a number of bugs have been fixed. Curious about what has changed in minor release 5.6.4? We've summarised it for you on this page. Check status.infoland.nl to see when version 5.6.4 will be released.

iQualify training: draft and published version

Until now, it was not possible to manage the version of an existing training without directly affecting where the training was in use. In fact, changes were made immediately, but that is not always desirable. Sometimes you want to take the time to update a training course before the changes are visible. This was already possible by making a copy of a training course and making the changes in it, but then you would have to update the learning periods or LTI links to the shared training course to make this change visible. Because you can now work on a draft while a published version also exists, this problem is solved.

All existing training courses are automatically converted to a published version upon release of this release. To edit a published training course, you must first create a new draft version. You can then edit and possibly delete the draft without affecting the published version. Once all desired changes have been made, you can publish the training course. From then on, the new published version is shown in all places where the training is in use. It is also still possible to make a copy of a training course, whether it is a draft or a published training course. A copied training, like a new training, always starts with a draft version.

Concept training

Bug fixes:

  • 62343: It was sometimes not possible to delete a question pool.
  • 62755: If a learning period has an empty user group associated with it, students received an error message when opening 'my courses'.


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