Message posted on 29 April 2021 in Zenya on-premise, Zenya SaaS

Zenya 6.0.1.

For the benefit of healthcare institutions in the Netherlands that use the protocol offering of Vilans we introduce in this update a link to the new "My Vilans Protocols" environment.

In addition, as usual, we have fixed some bugs in this update. Hopefully, you have not been affected by them or only slightly!

My Vilans Protocols linkage

In early 2021, Vilans introduced a new online environment called "My Vilans Protocols". The new environment offers a modernised and expanded content offering, in a new look and feel. The new environment replaces the online environment "Vilans KICK portal". This change also affects organisations that unlock Vilans protocols for their employees via their own Zenya environment, using the "Webshare link" with Vilans.

From 1 June next, the ability to receive up-to-date Vilans protocols via Webshare will expire. Infoland is introducing a new link with Vilans in this release (6.0.1), which preserves the ability to search and find Vilans protocols from Zenya as well.
We recommend completing the update to Zenya 6.0.1 as well as the configuration of the new Vilans link before 1 June 2021. That way, employees in your organisation will have the most up-to-date Vilans protocols at all times.

Want to know how to prepare for the transition from the Webshare link to the new link? Let us guide you through our roadmap.

Have you already gone through the step-by-step plan, and you are all set to start configuring the new link. Then you can start immediately with the instructions Convert Webshare link to new Vilans link.

All relevant organisations will also receive this information via e-mail.

Bug fixes

Every 14 days, we release a minor update for Zenya SaaS.
In these updates, we improve Zenya's performance and fix bugs
Sometimes we also make minor improvements to the functionality and/or appearance of Zenya in these updates. The criterion we use here is 'minimal impact on the end user'.

Changes with greater impact are always rolled out in major updates, which come out about 4 times a year and are always announced in advance.