Message posted on 26 October 2021 in Zenya SaaS

Zenya 6.1.3

The rollout of Zenya 6.1.3 will start the week of 25 October.
See For exact date/time for rollout to Zenya SaaS.

Module Impact
General functionalities of Zenya Nil
Audits Nil
Compliance Nil
Card files Nil
Portals & collections Nil
Planning& schedules Nil
Technical Nil

Searching Zenya with a smarter search engine

In Zenya, you can search for information in several places, these places will always show the most relevant results based on your search. But search results can always be improved. That is why we are always looking at new techniques to improve performance and search results.

In Zenya 6.1.3, we introduce semantic search. This new technique for search provides better performance for loading search results. Also, this technique looks at the relevance of the context of the query and the language of the query to bring better relevance to the search results.

So for the most optimal results, Zenya also needs to know what language documents are in. We used a smart tool to analyse and automatically set the language of the document. This will have been done correctly in most cases. However, it may still happen that an incorrect language has been set. As a document manager, you can adjust the task in the document's properties.

Want to know more about this new search technique? Then read this topic on our community.

Where will this new search technique be available?

Initially, we are rolling out this new search technique for searching in document management. In the short term, we will also apply this technique for searching in the overview of notifications. Eventually, in the longer term, we will also apply this for searching in the portal, but first we want to gain experience with searching in the other two places.

For the application of this technique, we are taking advantage of the capabilities offered by the Azure platform. This means that this new search technique will only be available to customers hosted in our SaaS environment.

In addition, in this patchpack update, as usual, we have fixed some bugs. Hopefully you haven't been affected by them, or only slightly!

For application managers

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